Rhyming Books by Mr. B

Happy Makes Me Happy

Amazon Best Selling Children's Book

Happy Makes Me Happy – A wonderful rhyming story about Happy the dog, and how his kind and gentle love for a little girl teaches children to spread love and kindness to everyone. This glowing story and magnificent illustrations will make your heart smile.
Twins with Love x2 – This wonderful rhyming story about two little girls born as twins finds the magic of that special bond and their magnetic love that lasts forever. Whether together or apart they can see, sense, and feel each other’s feelings hardwired to their hearts. The colorful illustrations bring a special feeling of love care and kindness.

Yay…It’s My First Day of School

Yay…It’s My First Day of School – Another wonderful rhyming story from Mr. B. about the excitement of the first day of school … Yay. The fourteen rhymes and fun illustrations will bring so much fun and thoughtfulness to that magical first day and all the experiences of a child meeting new friends, teachers, finding their classes and even where they will sit. Like his first two books Happy Makes Me Happy and Twins With Love x 2, your hearts will smile.